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alcohol and sugary drinks. they cause you to use more fluids. avoid drinks that are too cold. stay indoors in an air conditioned place. if the ac isn't working, take a cool bath or shower. an electric fan may provide some comfort but will not prevent heat-related illness. if you have to be outside, be outside in the morning and evening hours. all of the football players are expected to be okay, but it is a reminder for all of us to be careful when it's hot outside. linda so, abc 2 news. >>> the only man convicted in the 1988 lockerbie bombing that killed so many people has gotten out after serving a life sentence. he has terminal cancer. he was freed on compassionate grounds. that drew a big protest and outrage from the victims' families right here. he got on a plane and landed to a festive welcome home. many are asking where is the compassion for the victims? a severna park family continues to question this decision. rosemary lost her daughter miriam on the flight. the family says the bomber's release opens old wounds. >> there are now mothers -- >> reporter: there wasn't enough things i
two boats slammed into one another, just south of the curtis bay area not far from the u.s. coast guard station. linda so is live at the scene with what some are saying about the area where the crash happened. >> reporter: we're live here. people who know the area well say they are not surprised at what happened last night. investigators want to know how it happened. this was 6:00 yesterday evening. investigators say the coast guard had to rescue john martins and his 13-year-old daughter after their boat slammed into another boat. the force of the crash flipped over the martins' boat and caused the other one to go out of control. that's when one witness jumped on board to stop it but the driver died. witnesses say they are not surprised the crash happened considering how shallow the water is where the two creeks meet. >> it's pretty dangerous. they should probably put a speed limit there. i'm on a jet ski, i see people almost collide. it's about three feet deep right there where they hit. >> reporter: we're told the victim and father and daughter who had to be rescued all knew eac
. they happened back-to-back. sources tell us around 11:30 last night a man was shot several times in the back. while police were wrapping up that scene on carey and pratt, another call of a shooting on carroll street. both men taken to your -- area hospitals. if you know anything, saw anything, please call police right away. >>> a young man found lying in bell avenue in northwest avenue. police say he was shot in the head, taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. no suspects, no motive. >>> george williams in joppatowne was in his robe, a cup of cold coffee, his eyes as blurry as his mind. his son was just killed by the man who may get out of primp today. sherrie johnson is here to tell us more about the lockerbie bomber. >> reporter: yes, december 21, 1988 when pan am flight 103 blew up as it flew over scottland. the explosion killed all 259 people on board and 11 on the ground died when that plane crashed into lockerbie, scotland. al mcgrahy was convicted. scottish authorities will talk about what to do with him. reports are he will be released from prison on compassionate grounds.
's going to be another hot one for us. >>> let's lets -- let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> no incidents on the beltway west side or east side and the tunnels are checking in with no problems as well. we have a little bit of slowing southbound through cecil county headed towards the tydings bridge and as you make your way -- excuse me, riverside parkway and emorton road. there's construction but no real problems. westbound route 50 tbheer the queenstown outlet's, there's delays because of a medical emergency off to the shoulder. jfx and north avenue, traffic is flowing freely at this time. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc, you'll find great music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban and rascal flatts. back to you. >>> going home, a mandatory evacuation order for thousands that fled raging wildfires in california. >>> gentlemen, start your engines. the grand prix races comes to baltimore. i'm sherrie johnson. more on that big announcement. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings. t
again. watch this, megan. third and goal. watch this. statue of liberty play. we used to play this at overlae high school. 14-0 ravens. 14-7 late in the half. then second, third, fourth, they came in. ravens hold on to win 24-23. will play at carolina coming up saturday. next saturday. >>> took more than a month but the orioles did something they had not done since before the all-star break, that was win a series. yesterday they were in minnesota looking to keep the momentum going. the wheels came off in the sixth after a leadoff triple by alexy. wild pitch ties the game, moving to the bottom of the ninth, nathan walked two straight. the orioles lead this ballgame 2-1. this game next year? we win. they play again tonight. here's the wild pitch. 2-1. >>> time now 5:03. what's in it for you? millions and millions. could be your lucky ticket tonight. to live life on the rich side. abc2 news linda so is giving it a shot. she's waiting for you when you get your mega millions. good morning. >> reporter: tonight's jackpot is $252 million. the cash option to that, about $159 million.
and murdered nicole esteal when he worked at the u.s. military base there 25 years ago. >>> did you notice more police at the inner harbor last night? as we come off a saturday night shooting in the light street pavilion. now there may be longer sentences for violent sentences. it's not unusual to be a member of the game but jessamy is fighting to change that. >> this year jessamy has already begun working with prosecutors throughout the state to, again, go back to the legislature with a new package of bills that identify what we need to prosecute gang members. >> the police commissioner says his offices are being told to get more aggressive and identify possible gang members and question them if they come to the inner harbor. >>> a double stabbing under investigation now in college park. happened around 4:00 yesterday morning. police responded to the 7-eleven parking lot in the 8900 block of rhode island avenue. there they found two men lying on the ground, both flown to a nearby hospital where one died. investigators think the men drove to the parking lot and the stabbing actually happened a
pike and factory road because of down trees and wires in the road. try using bel air road as an alternate. ritchie highway at route 10 northbound, traffic lights are out, police are guiding traffic. the harbor tunnel northbound, right lane closed due to emergency construction work there. checking the jfx at northern parkway, little to no traffic at this hour. back to you. >>> 5:00. how frustrating is this? management knows it, the county knows it, bge, the fire department, they all know it but it continues. abc2 news linda so is live with another c.o. leak at cove village. >> reporter: carbon monoxide problems have plagued cove village over the years. just this past summer there have been a number of calls to these apartments and people who live here are simply fed up. this is exclusive video shot by our pete "on the street" o'neal. it happened around midnight. a woman called 911 when the carbon monoxide detector in her unit went off while she was cooking. when responders arrived they checked neighboring units and found high levels. a baby girl was taken to the hospital af
the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. >>> good morning. it is tuesday, august 4th. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. we'll talk about weather and traffic in a minute but as always, first we look at the news headlines from overnight. >>> a couple from middle river accused of the unthinkable, abuse small children. on tape. we hear from the ex-wife of one of the suspects. >>> and is the money needed to keep the "cash for clunkers" out there on the road? >>> and get ready to smile. baltimore county gets ready to move forward to take your picture and fine you if you're speeding. >> your last day on the air as a single woman. may i escort you to the weather center? >> so cute. next two hours, arm in arm. that would be cute. >>> 4:58. we have a mild
a hooded sweatshirt and suspected he was using it to hide it. >> he became belligerent. the sergeant asked him to stand up again. he pushed the officer in the chest. he was taken into custody. >> the bottom line, people can't be jerks at the inner harbor. if a police officer comes up to you and asks you to do something, just follow instructions. no reason to make a scene or big issue out of it. >> the ravens released this statement -- tony will get his due process and have his opportunity to explain. there are two sides to every story. linda so, abc2 news. >>> now to a story you'll only see here on abc2 news. our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill at the scene of this house fire on clifton avenue. crews tell us everyone made it out ok but appears the home is a total loss. right now no word on how this started. >>> the three men charged in the murder of former baltimore city councilman ken harris are expected to stand trial today. he was killed during a robbery last year at the new haven lounge in northeast baltimore. gary collins, charles mcgainey and jerome williams have
it happened in baltimore so that's news. here's sherrie johnson to tell us what happened. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning to you. we are happy to say michael phelps is okay and so is the other driver in the other car. phelps is at home recovering. this all happened about 9:00 last night at the corner of calvert and biddle streets. phelps was not injured, but the other female driver of the honda accord was shaken up and taken to an area hospital. two passengers in phelps' car were not injured as well. phelps has been interviewed by police and alcohol was not a factor in this accident. >> one of the drivers of the vehicle was michael phelps. another was a female driver transported to the hospital as a precaution opinion mr. phelps did not complain of any injuries. we asked the investigation unit and central district to investigate this. they are literally interviewing mr. phelps, witnesses, and passengers of the vehicles. >> reporter: phelps won eight gold medals at the beijing olympics. usa swimming suspeed him earlier this year after a british tabloid published a picture of him
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is descent. we're trying to have a say in this and they are not allowing us. >> are you concerned demonstrations like this could derail the debate in washington? >> no, i think a gentleman just down the hill said a train is coming. >> while there was a substantial police presence for last night's event no report of any serious problems. >>> the president is going to hold a town hall meeting in new harbor cam -- new hampshire today on this plan. the president says he hopes he will encounter sensible and reasonable arguments to win over congress. >>> hillary clinton has a message for the world, it's not all about bill so take that. in the congo she offered a brisk response when a congolese student asked her what her husband thought of a international financial matter. >> wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state, i am. >> ( indiscernible ) >> you ask my opinion i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channeling my husband. >> an aide to secretary clinton later apologized if any of the words were lost in translation. aft
program, a great deal gets even better. let us recycle your older vehicle and you could qualify for an additional $3500 or $4500 cash back on a new, more .fuel-efficient chevy., your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from. more than ford, # toyota, or honda. now get an '09 cobalt for under fifteen-five after all offers. and get it for even less if you qualify for cash ! for clunkers program. go to for details. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >>> and a very pleasant good morning to you. it is the 7th of august. the curtain's about ready to come up on your weekend. >>> let's look at the news headlines. you could be waking up to the sounds of things ringing in your ears from the slots. >>> and developing an effective vaccine for the h1n1 virus. how safe will our kids be after the shots? >>> baseball honors legendary boxing champ muhammad ali. >>> megan pringle is down to zero days. she is getting married today in just a few hours, so that's where she is. meteorologist justin berk is with us now. give us goo
of his legacy. >> he was really the speaker for all of us, you know, the health care. that's his legacy. that's what he worked for all his life. so when he was in senate for, what, 40 some years? >> reporter: we're staying on this story all morning. we'll continue to get more reaction for you on the passing of senator ted kennedy. live at penn station, linda so, abc2 news. >>> in other news -- in baltimore three young men from baltimore county have been charged with gang raping three women in baltimore city. police say on july 27th two women accepted a ride from two men. this happened near north calvert and west fayette streets in downtown baltimore. instead of driving them home police say they got on i-95 south, threatened them with a knife, drove them to the parking lot of a high school in southwest baltimore. police say the women were raped by both the men who picked them up. a third man arrived later on. we have pictures of these guys that were charged in the case. all three men, again, from baltimore county but since the crime happened in the city the mayor is speaking out. >> we
bullet came through and hit her. sherrie johnson is on top of this story for us. >> reporter: just sitting at home watching tv in her south baltimore home, all of a sudden shots rang out. when the smoke cleared, miss cheryl, -- miss shirley, a community activist, had been shot in the shoulder. on carver road cherry hill. police responded to a call of shots fired, and then a call of another shot. one of the bullets found its way into the victim's home. >> from what we know, again, we got called out for discharging. the victim was in her living room watching tv from what we understand when a stray round came through the window, struck her in the rear of the left shoulder. >> reporter: miss shirley was taken to shock trauma with nonlife-threatening injuries. if you have any information please call 410-396-2499. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> another story will fire you you up. a 5-year-old was shot in the head by a teenager, maybe. now that disturbing video is showing the crime for everybody to see. >> and yesterday in court 17-year-old lamont davis pleaded not guilty to charges of
-involved shooting. baltimore city police tell us officers attempted to stop a car on arizona avenue. this is shortly after midnight. when officers went to confront the driver the driver put his car in reverse and tried to run over the officers. police fired shots at the car. the passenger in that car, a woman, was hit in the arm. right now it's not clear whether she was shot or hit with glass. we're trying to figure out that. the driver fled the scene. but if you have any information about the whereabouts of the driver, know anything, you're asked to call baltimore city police. >>> 5:02. the latest on the death of ted kennedy. president obama will deliver a you'llo gee this weekend at the funeral mass. it will be at the same boston church for kennedy prayed daily for his daughter who was treated successfully for lung cancer six years ago. on cape cod there are plans for a grand public sendoff as he's laid to rest next to his brothers at arlington national cemetery. john hendrin reports. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy begins the long final voyage of a statesman. >> he did want to die and he want
" to click or call esurance today. >>> good morning, august 6th. thank you for joining us. >> a stormy start to the thursday morning. and investigators pouring over evidence in the death of a bikelist. >> you are listening in on a popular car exchange program. >>> will cash for clunkers be on the road. >>> good morning. we have what could be a stormy day for the start. you have woken up to big boomers. look at doppler radar you can watch the showers come up and explosive development and one of our crews holding off their transition because of the lightning. across the shore. and we have rain now most of that activity northern sections of kent county moving through delaware. we have another round of lightning coming out and heading towards easton. we have rain to deal with. and showers threat will continue throughout the day. and i'll pull to the lower end of the guarantee of 79 although many of us think in the mid-to- upper 70s on the cool side. and 459 our stroke of the roads. we look here and you see the roads are wet and you it is going to be click out there. 695 at 95 southwest. a crash
of a road project they are completing this morning. you can use calvert street. that is probably your best alternate. back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> the debate now over the reform of our nation's health care system comes to our door steptonight. senator ben cardin will be hosting a town hall to hear what you have to say about president obama's plan. the last couple of weeks we've shown you just how heated these town hall forums have gotten all over the country. most americans say they don't want the federal government controlling how they receive medical care. so be sure to keep it here on abc2. coming up at 5:30. live on the campus of towson university with a preview of tonight's town hall meeting. >>> another major story developing today -- trials begin for the h1n1 swine flu vaccine across the country. health officials at the university of maryland school of medicine are participating in those tests. young adults and senior citizen value -- volunteers will get the vaccine first. if found to be safe, it will be tested on children. >>> and in iraq, soldiers have been treated
and the redskins are getting bustd to the bank. give us a preview. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at penn station where a lot of commuters are here are excited about the ravens and the redskins playing tonight. the ravens, said they're tired of playing each other and ready to take on another team. and tonight they'll get that chance in the beltway battle. it kicks off tonight at m&t bank stadium. fans are pumped up and ready to see the ravens in action. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. this means big profit for area businesses and some business owners stocked up on things like beads, t-shirts and other paraphernalia expecting lots of fun. no matter where you go, whether you're a ravens and redskins fans, lots of excitement. >> everyone is pumped. we're excited. we could not wait for football season to start. and i know we're going to win. >> we moved here in november. so parking. the bars are completely purple. so i don't wear my redskins stuff out here. i don't want to get beat up. >> reporter: both teams are sort of downplay tonight's game. the ravens said th
you for joining us. >> i'm jamie costello. we'll check in with weather and traffic in a moment but first let's look as we always do, with the news. >>> they ought to rebuild the family. >> community activists say they want to shift the focus to the homes of our youth. it could shed light of why crime scene tape continues to live on the streets of the city. >>> and michael phelps helps to close the fastest meet in swimming history. >>> and we're talking to you to see how you feel about derrick mason's retirement stint and how it will impact the ravens this season. >>> the great weekend is coming, baby. here we go. we'll tell you about her impending nuptials. >> we will? >> yes. >> meteorologist justin berk walking down the aisle with our weather. >> pending nuptials? you make it sound like there's a question mark. >> it's going to happen. >> oh, they'll happen. >> oh, boy. let's take you outside. we got 69 fallston and towson. big storms over the weekend. they erupted yesterday morning. we had hail push through portions of carroll county, severe weather warnings in cecil county,
there. franklin road at reisterstown road, use caution. jamie and megan, back to you. >>> mother nature put on quite a light show early this morning. lightning, thunder, heavy rains that led to water rescues, you name it. tense moments behind the wheel for many of you. hi, linda. >> reporter: good morning, megan. while most of us were sleeping, some were forced out of their beds to deal with a huge mess. let's look at the video from pete on the street o'neal. what happened to this family is any homeowner's nightmare. water pouring into the basement, completely flooding it out. to make matters worse, they just bought the brand new house ten days ago and today is the homeownes birthday. the outside drain got clogged with storm degree causing the huge mess. and this is something you never wat to do, scoop water out of your car with a plastic cup. a man came upon a flooding street near owings mills boulevard and timber oak grove. it was so dark he didn't realize the road was flooded until he was in it. he and his friends managed to escape but three other cars had to be pulled out of the wat
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21